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Aug 25, 2011 12:00pm EDT
-mail me at >>> for the first time in ten years, steve jobs is not running apple. the game changing company he helped launch 30 years ago. jobs has been on medical since february. now he's sent a letter of resignation to the board of directors, entering an unparalleled area in the tech world. 1977, he ushered in the personal computer generation with the apple 2. '84, a break through with the macintosh. he got pushed out in '85 only to return in '97 and save the company from bankruptcy. 1998, we got the i mac. then came the ipod, the iphone, and the ipad, which set the bar very high for the rest of the world. nice job keeping up with me, guys, over there. i'm joined by rick newman, chief business correspondent for "u.s. news and world report." jobs is going to remain as the chairman but considering significant health problems, his battle with pancreatic cancer, a liver transplant. if he continues to suffer the ill effects of bad health, how effective can he be, even in the chairman role? >> i think a lot of people are asking that question now. some people say steve
Aug 7, 2011 8:00am EDT
steve king attended the pawlenty rally but then has high praise for another can data. >> the press overlooked the strength of ron paul's campaign. he's been campaigning in iowa more than four years. he has a solid organization. he'll place well. that's the measure the rest of the candidates are competing dpens. >> talks about ron paul. gunk he could be a serious contender? >> ron paul has a history of doing well in straw polls and basically being dismissed nonetheless. he has a loyal, active hard-core of supporters. he hasn't succeeded in his last campaign or this one in broadening that to a wider share of the electorate. if he wins the straw poll, the ames straw poll is different from any other and people have to contend with him. if he comes in third or even worse, there is probably going to be a tendency to continue to write him off as somebody who has a very narrow but intense base of support. >> i want to get to her man c man cain. >> i don't believe i need to win the straw poll but i believe i need to finish in the top three. >> how risky is it to set the bar high? in general
Aug 28, 2011 9:00am EDT
information on the phone is steve coleman from the port authority of new york. good morning. the point being can you give us an update on the holland tunnel which we understood recently was partially shut down? >> sure. we have the north tube of the holland tunnel currently shut down. that's the tube that goes from new york to new jersey. we still that have south tube which goes from new jersey to new york open. we're strongly advising anyone to go to the holland tunnel to die stroert the lincoln tunnel which is still fully opened. >> i was not aware it broke down that way. north tunnel is new york to new jersey which means that's all shut off. no way to incorporate two way traffic at all. i know sometimes you can do that. you can split up lanes with cones and the like but that's not plan right now with the port authority? >> that's not the plan. rather have people use the lincoln tunnel. lincoln tunnel is open and gives people safe passage from new york into new jersey. >> steve, can you tell me to what you can attribute this flooding. i'll tell you, when you go in these tunnels you know yo
Aug 13, 2011 2:00pm EDT
. that is iowa congressman steve king. he is not running. he's there because he is a congressman from iowa. we are wait for ex-minnesota governor tim pawlenty to begin his straw poll speech. that should begin in about five minutes. this is potentially a pivotal day for him. he has poured loads of cash into his straw poll and it's important for him. >> the ames straw poll, it's going to have a lot to say about who the candidates are who are going to be going forward as the president of the united states. and we need you to come by even for an hour or less. >> andrew rafferty is the nbc news campaign embed with the pawlenty campaign who is joining me now, as you can see, from ames. tell me a little bit about his ames operation and his strategy. >> yeah, well, in moments you're going to see a sea of green shirts. they're standing off to my left right now. they're going to come into this coliseum for when governor pawlenty speaks. i was walking in with them. they were chanting his name. it was a level of buzz that i have not seen at any other campaign stops that i've been to in iowa the past two w
Aug 13, 2011 5:00pm EDT
santorum said in his tent that he intends to sign iowa congressman steve king's pledge. he would repeal president obama's decisions if he were made president. coming up, david gregory here, offering his analysis, plus a preview of david's interview tomorrow morning with the lady of the hour. michele bachmann. ry important t. perdue perfect portions is great on busy nights. five chicken breasts individually wrapped, so you can use what you want and put the rest in the refrigerator. and the best part is it only takes 10 minutes. it's my go-to meal. that's me with the blow dryer and the flat iron until i see smoke. so pantene said, "breakage and split ends? no problem." they gave me this pantene called breakage to strength. [ female announcer ] the keratin protection pro-v system helps prevent then repair split ends. zero fear of breakage, 100% more strength. no regrets, just health. i'm not giving up the heat. [ female announcer ] the breakage to strength system from pantene. >>> welcome back to this special saturday live edition of "andrea mitchell reports." i'm in ames, iowa. of course
Aug 20, 2011 8:00am EDT
're innocent. >> reporter: but the father of another victim, steve branch, says he believes they did it. >> if these animals are released, you might as well give the key to everybody that's on death row right now. >> reporter: today's deal saves face for both sides. prosecutors insist the three were the killers, but their lawyers say the state would never let them out if it was convinced of their guilt. the men themselves say they'll keep fighting to prove their innocence, leading some to wonder who killed those boys. pete williams, nbc news, washington where. >>> spurred by another -- libyan rebels are reporting from tripoli in every direction after a week of fierce fighting. a rebel spokesman says they are now in control of a key port. it was one day after -- just 30 miles outside of the libyan capital. >>> and in norway this morning families of the victims of last month's massacre are returning to the island where their loved ones died. dozens were excould youed by one gunman. jay gray is live for us on the island in norway with the latest. good morning to you, jay. >> reporter: well
Aug 1, 2011 12:00pm EDT
, congressman steve israel and republican senator roy blunt. as well as chuck todd. we'll see you in 15 minutes right here on "andrea mitchell reports." >>> the situation is growing increasingly violent for protesters in syria. government forces are cracking down on demonstrations in the northeastern city. over the weekend at least 70 people were kill maryland the rallies against the government. on the dawn of ramadan, tanks fired. the attacks are so harsh, the european union has expanded sanctions against syria and the white house demanded that the president step down. a new lead in an incredible unsolved mystery. 40 years ago a guy hijacked a plane and got away scot-free with $200,000 of the fbi's money. the fbi hasn't been able to find him or solve the case. pete williams is live in washington, d.c. have they found d.b. cooper the suspected hijacker? >> not yet. the question is whether they are now about to. in the past four decades they've looked at and set aside over 1,000 possible suspects or persons of interests. now they are renewed hopes about this latest one. investigators are waiting
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)